About Me

Courtesy of Roy Kaltschmidt at LBNL Creative Services

I am a Ph.D. physicist who worked in the field of medical imaging research for 19 years at Berkeley Lab. I helped develop new medical imaging scanners for improved cancer detection. My research involved interesting software and hardware engineering challenges, as well as understanding the associated medical applications. You can’t come up with a solution until you know the real problem.

I am now a full-time freelance science writer and editor. I’m highly proficient at synthesizing complex technical information and translating it for a general audience. This science blog, “Scientists Talk Funny,” is my attempt to talk in a more conversational way about science news in plain English. I also write for Stanford School of Medicine, Berkeley Lab, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, and UC Berkeley Engineering.

Finally, I have years of educational experience as a science and writing instructor. I specialize in teaching scientists how to effectively communicate clearly, concisely, and accurately for the general public. I teach science-writing courses for UC Berkeley Extension, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Genentech, and Berkeley Lab.

I believe that good science communication is important and can help build a better future, and I’m passionate about promoting a public understanding of science.

For more information, check out my resume.